Agile Day Twin Cities 2021

The Pace of Change Is Upping Our Game

Back in the 6th Century BC, Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said, “There is nothing permanent but change.” Although he certainly didn’t have product development in mind, no better statement has ever been made about the tech industry.

Twenty-five centuries later, change is our greatest friend and sometimes our worst enemy. Not only does change remain inevitable, but the pace of change is increasing exponentially. Markets are changing; businesses are changing, and user expectations are changing. And what’s more – these changes are happening at an ever-accelerating pace. In order to survive and, ideally, thrive in this climate, businesses, products, and people must be adaptable and resilient.

Agile Day Twin Cities 2021 explores all things change. Learn from industry experts and practitioners how they are adapting to change in their day-to-day work. Explore the impact of change on various disciplines such as design, product management, technology, and tooling, and most importantly how change impacts the people in our product ecosystems.

We invite you to join Agile Day Twin Cities 2021 to share and learn concepts and ideas that help make change your competitive advantage.


We’re excited to begin announcing this year’s line-up of speakers soon!



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This year’s conference will feature 4 tracks that will encompass themes of agility, product, people, and technology. These 4 tracks include:

20 Years of Agile: What Have We Learned?

Product Innovation in the Face of Change

Change Is Crushing My Codebase

From Surviving to Thriving in a World of Constant Change




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