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Metrics That Matter in the Boardroom – Measuring More Than Progress

Devin Anderson – Cprime

Do you still struggle to provide metrics that matter? Are you stuck in a loop reinventing how to measure development process and progress? Are you struggling to articulate the value of your product initiatives and therefore can’t get funding? As we transition from a project to a product mindset, our metrics must evolve as well. Knowing what to measure and having access to the data is a real struggle. Explore how to measure the value of what you deliver through business metrics. Learn how user adoption, product churn, revenue, and cost savings are impacted by the agile process. You’ll leave with real life strategies for using your data super powers for the good of your product.

Stealth Agility – Using the Culture you have 

Sarah Klarich – USAA

Coaches often go into an organization the with new vocabulary talking about Agile. New processes, new roles, changes to responsibilities, and the need to change the culture of the organization generate resistance. This is the story of a company that started that way and then began to find ways to use the existing culture, showing how agility was already in the foundation of the organization and how building on that could achieve the desired results. 

Too Many Metrics

Mary Poppendieck – Mary Poppendieck

Does agile measure up? It depends – measure up to what? Are customers happier? Are workers more engaged? Is there enough revenue to fund the future? Are you even measuring these things?
How do teams – and team members – know when they have done a good job? In the end, when performance is evaluated, how will each team member be assessed? Will they all be evaluated against the same criteria? How many metrics will be considered? Who will be involved?
Agile was formed two decades ago and many of its practices were aimed at improving the performance of technical organizations – often cost centers. To this day, product people on agile teams often report through a different organization than the technical people. The leaders of these different organizations generally have different metrics, and invariably leadership metrics make their way down to team members.
For example, the technical VP declares that continuous delivery is everyone’s top priority, while the product VP wants as many features delivered as rapidly as possibly to increase revenue. They are both right, but tradeoffs must be made to optimize the overall system. When this leadership tension makes its way to the team level, what team dynamics and metric(s) will assure that wise trade-offs are made?

Agile Value: Systems Thinking and Balancing Autonomy at Scale

Laura O’Brien – Travelers

Has the focus on product thinking and team autonomy caused us to lose sight of the bigger picture?  As agilists, our primary focus is on delivering business value.  The complicating factor is that value is viewed differently across and within organizations.  These differences often lead to friction between agile teams and the broader enterprise.   As we continue to adopt agile at scale, striking the right balance between consistency and autonomy becomes paramount to success. How we think about and understand these decisions will play a critical role on delivering agile value

Conquering Burnout

Lynn Winter – ManageDigital

Burnout is spreading throughout our industry. In fact, the World Health Organization recently elevated awareness of this condition. It’s time for us to acknowledge how this is impacting our lives and challenge ourselves to find a healthy work/life balance. If we don’t, how can we expect to make the impact we desire in our work and with our teams let alone enjoy doing it?

Together we will explore what burnout looks like and where this pressure might be coming from. We will walk through a process you can take in order to implement a change whether it is great or small. Along the way, I will share my personal struggle with burnout and what I have done to improve my situation.

The Value of DevSecOps and its Organizational Impact. A CSO’s perspective 

Milinda Rambel Stone – Provation Medical

What is the reputation of your organization’s security program?  Do you find yourself avoiding or going around the security department? Is it a team of rules and roadblocks? 
There is a better way to build an effective security program and it relies heavily on agile techniques. In this presentation, we will discuss the key learnings, methods for scaling DevSecOps and discuss hands on tips for how you can measuring agile success.

The Schmidt List Podcast LIVE: Leading by Example for a Purpose-Driven Culture

Kurt Schmidt – Foundry

Organizational transformation often requires fundamental changes in culture and leadership style. Today, for a company to thrive culturally and empower its employees to be emotionally committed to this change, agile leaders must work to build a shared understanding of the company’s purpose in the world and the purpose of individuals as part of this. Join us for a dynamic live podcast featuring inspirational leaders and led by Kurt Schmidt, host of the Schmidt List Podcast.