Presentation Recaps

Recorded Presentations and Slides

Watlow’s Transformation with Atlassian

Presented by Dale Wolfe


Journeys to the Future

Presented by Janet Swedal & Brian Quinn


Scaling (“Agile”?) Teams

Presented by Carl Leubsdorf


Scaling Agile Starts with Culture

Presented by Anne Losby & Ed Tilford


The Secret Sauce of a DevOps Journey

Presented by: Jay Hopia


Scaling Cultural Agility

Presented by Bill Asch and Emran Bhojawala


Adventures in Legacy Code

Presented by: David Laribee


Making Friends with Finance

Presented by: Jenny Kray


The Practice is the Purpose

Presented by: Steve Jaccaud


Introducing Product Thinking to SAFeĀ®

Presented by: Anne Steiner & David Laribee

The Culture of Agile: What Makes it Stick?

Presented by: Andy Nelson

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