Session Recaps

Recorded Presentations and Slides

Too Many Metrics

Presented By: Mary Poppendieck


Agile & Next Generation Software

Presented By: Kelly Looney


OKR’s in the Real World

Presented By: Neil Fasen


Conquering Burnout

Presented By: Lynn Winter


Facilitating Agility: Obligations of Organizational Leaders

Presented By: Michael Levine


Sensible Metrics for Teams & Dojos

Presented By: David Laribee


Is your organization’s culture messing with your agile success?

Presented By: Jackie Chambers de Freitas


Agile Value: Systems Thinking & Balancing Autonomy at Scale

Presented By: Laura O’Brien


Why worry about putting on the oxygen mask when you can fly the f@#%^ plane?!

Presented By: Michaele Gardner & Brian Hackerson


The Schmidt List Podcast: Live

Hosted by: Kurt Schmidt; Panelists: Meghan Condon, Kristi Fox, Tammylynne Jonas, & Zubin Irani


Stealth Agility – Using the Culture You Have

Presented by: Sarah Klarich

The Value of DevSecOps & Its Organizational Impact: A CISO’s Perspective

Presented by: Milinda Rambee Stone

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